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Junmai-Genshu SEPPIKOSAN

Junmai-Genshu SEPPIKOSAN

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
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Good harmony with concentration taste and acid


Japanese heavy drinkers want a rich taste. They value the taste of rice rather than the aroma. It is important to balance the complex tastes created by sweetness, acidity, astringency, bitterness, and umami. This is a sake that makes the most of the acidity of the complex taste. If you have a rich meal, this liquor is useful. Limited edition from November to February.



Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 18%

Tasting Comment


Pale yellow with gray tinge.


Gentle intensity. Main aromas are Steamed rice cake and candy floss. There are sweet aromas of pear candy and fragrant olive. I can see some refreshing aroma of sower cream.


Rich texture and sweetness balanced with bracing acid that appears at middle palate. Savory bitterness makes dry finish. It’s full body with nice complex.

Suitable temperature

・On the rocks

General comment

Good harmony with concentration and acid, Savory Umami makes finish longer and complexity. There is fresh flavor treatment so good for small wine glass with cool temperature also it suits for on the rocks because of nice concentration.


Grilled white meat fish with Sudachi citrus, Raw fatty tuna, Salmon roe, Scallop carpaccio, Fried bamboo shoot, hard cheese, Bottarga spaghetti, Bagna cauda.