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Junmai Seppikosan ONIKARA

Junmai Seppikosan ONIKARA

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
※We kindly ask our customers to order 6 bottles per lot.


The most super dry The brew master manages from rice farming to fermentation


Alcohol fermentation occurs when yeast eats glucose.It feels dry when the amount of glucose in sake is low.Glucose in Sake is fermented to the limit with our unique fermentation technology.The brewmaster is growing rice to achieve that goal.



Rice farmer

Yoshiharu Norimasa (Brew master)

Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 17%


Tasting Comment


Entirely yellowish crystal color


At the beginning rich sour cream,Shiratama-dango(rice dumpling),acasia,honeysuckle flower and pears.And then green bamboo gives freshness.The slight scent of raw almond,chestnut skin,white pepper,and minerally limestone harmonize with it.


Initially tasts dry,and then spreads softly. The ellegant Umami,the sharp acidity and the bitterness that makes the taste much more dry. You can feel the lightness in the medium-volumed aftertaste. This is an extra dry Sake with sharpness and the Umami of rice.

Suitable temperature

・15~18℃ ・arround 40℃

General comment

This extra dry Sake has the Umami of rice and the sharp acidity with the freshness. It's enjoyable from room temperature(15-18℃) to hot sake(arround 40℃). A thin small white wine glass is good to enjoy the dryness at room tenperature. A Choko(small tumbler for Sake) is good to enjoy the mellow taste of the hot sake , and larger one is better to feel the comfortable acidity.


15-18℃ : Ayu(freshwater fish) fry tempura , Taranome(Aralia elata buds) tempura , Raw oister

arround 40℃ : Mizutaki(chicken hot pot) , Ahijo , Buri Shabu-shabu(boiled fish with soy sauce)