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Junmaidaiginjo Seppikosan QUARTER

Junmaidaiginjo Seppikosan QUARTER

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
※We kindly ask our customers to order 6 bottles per lot.


We produce the best luxury time


There is a starchy mass called "Shinpaku" in sake rice.So we polish the rice and brew it with pure starch.High-quality sake rice has a big "Shinpaku" and a high appearance rate.In Kato City, Hyogo Prefecture, there is an area where the best sake rice can be harvested.We can get Yamada Nishiki of "Special Area A" which has the best soil in the area.Polishing the best rice to a quarter makes it almost "Shinpaku".The sake that is carefully fermented using this fragile rice has a very light taste.It was aged slowly and slowly for 8 months in a -1 ° C refrigerated warehouse.



Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 120×120×345
weight(kg): 2
alcohol content: 17%

Tasting Comment


Clear, slightly yellowish crystal color.


Fresh fruits(bananas, melons) for the first impression. Violets and chervils give a refreshing feeling. When exposed to the air, the scent spreads much more widely and the aroma of Shiratama Dango(rice-derived white ball dumplings) gives the depth of it.


Begins with a smooth taste and a plump aweetness. A fresh acidity tightens the taste. A good balance of the sweetness, the acidity and the alcohol. A slight and pleasant bitterness gives the richness, and the flavor of the fruits such as bananas and melons(as you felt in the nose) lasts for a long time. A medium-bodied sake that is fresh and harmonious overall.

Suitable temperature


General comment

This sake has a fruity aroma and a refreshing taste, so we recommend the cold(8〜12℃) sake or the medium- cold(15〜18℃)sake. A round champagne glass for tha cold sake and a small white wine glass for the medium-cold sake, white can keep the aroma component in the space, so it makes the scent of the sake much stronger and clearer.


・8〜12℃:Seasonal Vegetables Terrine、Caprese、Thin sliced blowfish sashimi、Yellowtail and sea bream sasimi、Parboiled Conger Eel.
・15〜18℃:Spring Vegetables Tempura、Grilled Sweetfish、Mizutaki Chicken and vegetable in a hot pot with Yuzu Citrus、Matsutake Mushrooms and broth steamed in a teapot