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Junmaiginjo SEPPIKOSAN

Junmaiginjo SEPPIKOSAN

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
※We kindly ask our customers to order 6 bottles per lot.


standard sake Easy to match with any dish


One famous cook said"Don't insist, Sake is a meal complement.".We thought of a sake that would make the meal delicious.This sake is brewed in February and March .We chose yeast that is Junmaiginjo but has a low aroma.Place in the warehouse for 3 months to even out the water content of the rice.



Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 15%


Tasting Comment


Crystal with slight green tinge.


Gentle and delicate. Main aromas are melon and banana. There are acacia petal and rice cake. A hint of clay aroma adds minerality.


Smooth texture and delicate sweetness at first impression. Fresh acid makes refreshing sensation at middle palate. I can feel gentle bitterness that is made by Umami at finish.

Suitable temperature


General comment

It’s elegant. Light sweetness balanced with fresh acid. You can enjoy fresh taste at lower temperature with small size wine glass. Higher temperature makes acid soften then gentle Umami is enhanced.


・Cool temperature: Raw oyster with lemon, Light fish Sushi with Ponzu sauce, Fried flounder with lemon, Tomato bruschetta, Squid and celery stir fry, Fresh cheese.
・Hot temperature: Chicken pot dish, Clam sauce pasta.