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Junmaiginjo Seppikosan AIYAMA1801

Junmaiginjo Seppikosan AIYAMA1801

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
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Brews the rare sake rice "AIYAMA". Refreshing acidity and deep sweetness


February 2015. Rice farmer Yuki Iiduka said he would make the rare sake rice "Aiyama". At that time, there were few cultivated areas, and Japanese sake breweries were competing for rice.Rare rice was cultivated by gathering friends who love sake and rice.Being soft sake rice, we take great care in fermenting it.



Rice farmer

Yuki Iizuka

Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 17%


Tasting Comment


Bright crystal color with faint yellow edge


Totaly rich.Fresh fruits like bananas,white peach and lychee from No.18 yeast.Flowers like honysuckles. When exposed to the air, the scent spreads much more widely.The aroma of Joshinko(rice flour) and the nuance of chervil give freshness.


Smooth and glaceful sweetness and fresh acidity.And then the rich taste gives plumpness.The long finish including the scent of bananas,white peach etc. Young and rich taste also has toughness from the alcohol.

Suitable temperature

・8~12℃ ・15~18℃

General comment

This sake has a fresh fruits aroma and a young and rich taste, so we recommend the cold(8〜12℃) sake or the medium- cold(15〜18℃)sake. A small-size wine glass for tha cold sake  and a regular-size wine glass for the medium-cold sake. The rich aromas will spread much more as you swalll the glass.


8〜12℃ : Sashimi of white fish, seabream carpaccio, raw ham and melon

15〜18℃:Prawn tempura, Dobin-mushi(consommé of Matsutake mushroom), Grilled Yamame(freshwater fish)