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Junmaiginjo Seppikosan ROOTS

Junmaiginjo Seppikosan ROOTS

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
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Wild yeast and wild koji blessed from the shrine


There is a book called "Harima Fudoki" compiled in 715.It says, "Mold grew on the rice offered to the Niwata Shrine, so we brewed sake and had a party." 2016, about 1300 years later. The Harima Sake Brewery Association offered rice at the Niwata Shrine. After that, we succeeded in collecting yeast and KOJI (rice mold) from the rice. Sake brewed with natural yeast and wild KOJI given by God That is ROOTS.



Rice famer

Yuki Iizuka

Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 16%

Tasting Comment


Clear,slightly yellowish crystal color


Initially yellow apple and apricot. And then green bamboo,chervil,flower like osmanthus give the freshness. The scent of marons and corianders spread much more when exposed to the air. The aroma of Hinoki wood,maple syrup and white mold cheese attach complexity.


Rich and plump sweetness. Well-balanced acidity and alcohol. Bitterness and sweetness make rich taste. The long finish with the scent of maple syrup and caramel that you have felt. Entirely rich,full-bodied,tough and harmonious.

Suitable temperature

・18~20℃ ・30~35℃

General comment

This sake has the rich and full-bodied taste from the wild yeast and the wild Koji(sake malt). So we recommend a small wineglass at room temperature to enjoy the complex aroma or a Gui-nomi(medium-size tumbler) for the mideum-hot sake(30-35℃) to enjoy the rich taste.


18-20℃ : Grilled Sawara(fish) with white miso, grilled Buri(fish) with Teriyaki sauce, ahijo

30-35℃ : Kabayaki(grilled eel with Teriyaki sauce), Sukiyaki, sirloin steak with pepper