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Yamahaijunmai Seppikosan KOOH 100years

Yamahaijunmai Seppikosan KOOH 100years

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※This shop is only available for Hong Kong and Germany.
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The revived rice "Benkei" and discovered 1928 recipe notes


In April 2018, a 1928 recipe note was discovered during a renovation of a 215-year-old building.There was a record of brewing rice called "Benkei".Farmer Iiduka got the seeds of critically endangered rice "Benkei" from the Agricultural Research Institute.We also got the natural yeast from the wooden barrels used in early 1900.Rice is cultivated in two ways. The first is the rice fields in Iiduka.The second is cultivated by the members of the Harima Nihonshu Project, a group that supports the revival of rice and our activities. They plant a seedling in a bucket in June.Then, it will be cultivated at the eaves of my house until November. In 2021, there are 287 buckets at their eaves. We can brew a barrel of sake with the support of many people. With reference to the recipe about 100 years ago.



Rice famer

Yuki Iizuka &Participants in the Harima Nihonshu Project

Rice polishing rate


Product Information

size(mm): 75×75×290
weight(kg): 1.4
alcohol content: 16%

Tasting Comment


Bright crystal color with slight yellow in the edge


Entirelly soft and rich. Yogurt,sour cream,camambert cheese,violet and slight almond jelly. The scent of shiratama-dango(rice dumpling) and cooked rice spread much more when exposed to the air. The scent of chervils give the freshness. the spicy aroma like coriander seed and the fruity aroma like white peaches harmonize with it.


Initially tastes poweful,rich and mellow. After the enough acidity and Umami spread, the rich sweetness gives the deepness and the confortable bitterness.The long finish which is fused with the umami and the sweetness amplifys richness of the sake.

Suitable temperature

・18-20℃ ・arround 40℃

General comment

This sake is powerful and enjoyable of the rich umami.So we recommend in such wide range of temperature(18℃-arround 40℃). A medium size wine glass is good for room temperature to enjoy the rich aroma. A small size Choko(small tumbler for sake) is good for the hot sake to enjoy the mild taste that makes the sake much more sweet.


18-20℃ : Cream crab croquette , Grilled scallops with butter on the shell , Steamed Kinki(fish) with Sake

Arround 40℃ : Steamed abalone , Wild boar hot pot tasted with Miso , Grilled snow crab